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House rules OleandeResort

House rules OleandeResort: we want you to feel at home with us. However, we still ask you to follow our house rules so that everyone’s stay will be a special experience:

Please do not damage or remove items intended for accommodation and guests’ stay. Do not change the layout of the rooms. For any intentional damage or removal, compensation is required from the perpetrator. To help us maintain our accommodation facilities, please report any breakdowns or damage to reception.

We kindly remind you that the overnight stay of persons who are not our guests is not allowed. Also, 
visits and business meetings in the rooms are not allowed.
Be responsible for any damage caused through your fault or the fault of a person for whom you are responsible. 
In the event of major stains or damage to our property, you agree to pay for cleaning or repair in the amount of at 
least €100.
Handle the key with care. In case of loss, please notify us as soon as possible. 
We may charge you €20 for the loss of the key.
It is forbidden to take hotel towels outside the hotel (beach/pool).
The use of heating and cooking appliances in the rooms is not allowed due to fire safety.
Smoking is prohibited in the rooms and in all common indoor areas.
The storage of alcohol in the rooms, the possession and use of drugs or the possession of weapons is prohibited. 
In case of non-compliance with this rule, the staff may confiscate such goods and inform the police.
We reserve the right to terminate the contract and the provision of our services with guests who 
grossly violate the house rules.
OleandeResort reserves the right to change the house rules.

Published: 28.10.2023  -  Category: HOUSE RULES